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Investment Target Strategy

KT Venture Group will focus on investing in companies operating in KLA-Tencor’s core markets, which are the semiconductor, reticle, wafer, and data storage markets. We will also explore related, new, high-technology markets where we can transfer our knowledge in such current KLA-Tencor core competencies as image processing, inspection and measurement, and yield-management technologies. In addition to our new-market-development strategy, KT Venture Group will explore new core-competence development within currently served markets in semiconductor, reticle, wafer, and data storage.

Core Market Expertise


  • Cleaning
  • Specialty Materials
  • Testing and Packaging
  • Fabless Solutions
  • Emerging IC Devices
  • Fluids/chemical controls
  • Process and Metrology Equipment


  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Consulting Services
  • Web-based Communication Tools
  • Outsourcing Services

Core Competence Transfer


  • Electronics Design Services
  • Automated Manufacturing
  • Data Storage
  • Data Computing Systems
  • MEMs


  • Fiber Optics Components Process Control
  • Opto-Electronics Subsystems
  • Communications Semiconductors
  • Connectivity Verification Systems


  • Automation and Integration
  • Connectivity Tools
  • Design and Verification
  • Infrastructure and Enterprise

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Our belief is the most important.

This will be our company blog, so we will start with our belief so we can know what we our beliefs are, so we can explore from these vision.

Our Beliefs:

  • We read every business plan we receive. We don’t turn down an inquiry simply because a business is in a specific industry or market where we don’t normally invest. Rather, we evaluate each investment opportunity on its unique business fundamentals.
  • We actively support our portfolio companies in accelerating their business plan. We believe in providing more than capital to start-ups to help them become successful companies; we offer them unique values and services. To provide high-level support and counsel, we are prepared, when appropriate, to take a seat on a start-up’s board of directors.
  • We believe little things make a big difference. The strongest relationships are built over time in incremental steps, and are reinforced by small but memorable gestures and actions. We intend to build strong relationships with all those we interact with, no matter how short the interaction may beā€”even if we have to turn down an opportunity. We are here for the long-term and will rely on relationships we build over time.
  • We will not pretend to be something we are not. Specifically, we are not a top-tier traditional venture capitalist firm. We respect the well-established firms of Sand Hill Road; they have unique strengths that we do not. But we have strengths and assets they do not. We feel that smart start-ups dealing with the VC community should seek out the unique strengths each VC firm provides. To offer a portfolio of services, we plan to form strong alliances with select traditional VC firms.
  • We believe in the fundamentals, and the traditional, long-term perspective of venture capital investing. We will be disciplined in how we evaluate, support and exit an investment. We will look at every critical issue. We won’t focus on a specific industry or market just because it’s “hot.” Rather, we evaluate each company on its own merits and assess its fundamentals and potential for long-term success.
  • We have empathy and compassion for start-ups and entrepreneurs. We have high regard and tremendous respect for those who have the inner strength and drive to create a new business. We will be tough when necessary, but we will be honest and direct because we care about you.
  • We intend to help change the perception of corporate venture capital from “dumb money” to “smart and strategic money”. First and foremost, we believe in maximizing the return on our investment; and the best way to do that is to provide unique value to start-ups in accelerating their business plan. It’s true that we will also rate the value of our investments on their strategic fit for KLA-Tencor; but that is our long-term perspective. Our immediate goal is to ensure that each investment delivers solid returns.
  • We believe in doing everything at Internet speed. We are a separate legal entity and have the power and authority to make our own decisions without any bureaucratic corporate process.
  • If we do not see a significant value we can provide to a start-up, we will pass on that investment. We will be an active investor to support our portfolio companies. If we can’t provide any value to a start-up, then we are just another venture capital firm.
  • Our customers are the start-ups we invest in, their entrepreneurial founders, and other venture capital firms. If we provide significant value to our customers, we will ultimately provide value to KLA-Tencor.

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