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Perfect Game To Play For Stress Relieve

With all seriousness, who love spending a whole day working? You don’t and me neither. So in this post, i will show you how to relieve stress by the following games, that you can play on your spare time, break time or sleep time.

All games will be related to IOS and android operating system, since that is the only thing that you can play anytime anywhere with no barrier.

1. Clash of clans

If you play only a little bit of IOS/ android games, you will know Clash Of Clans, they have been topping the chart for the past 2 years, currently they are churning 1 million USD per day, cool isn’t it?

It is about building up your castle, upgrading your troops then invade and loot your enemies’s castle for resources and trophies, cool isn’t it?

It has a time waiting system, let say you upgrade your resources collector, you will need to wait from a few hours to a few weeks depends on your level. So yea, you won’t get addicted either.

My recommendation is that we should have our company clans, so we can work together to kick some other clans’ ass.

2. Candy crush

Alright, majority of audience that play Candy Crush are women, but it is not only for ladies. Gentleman can play it too!

Well the game is about connect 3 or more candies of 1 types together, to gain points, break ices or break all the chocolate.

You will have 5 lives to start, you will use up 1 live if you fail 1 level, 1 live will come back in 30 minutes. If you are good at it, you can keep on, playing.

In case you want to play forever, you can reset time and have more lives, easy isn’t it? Wait, if you want to contribute to the developers, you can pay for lives as well. So you won’t feel bad about it.

3. Trivia Crack:

This is the new raising game, currently stays at #17, if you like trivia questions, then this game is for you.

It has 6 different sections for you to play, you will have to spin to choose the topics, then you will have to answers questions, if you fail 1 question, you will have to stop and spend another live.

A live will come back in 1 hour, this is a very bad system seriously, usually you will burn your lives up fast, anyway, i have found a way to get trivia crack unlimited lives, just use it whenever you need more lives.

Hopefully this post can help others fellow colleague improve their living lifestyle, work is important, your personal life is important as well, so don’t drop it guys! Have a nice day.

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