Investment Target Strategy

KT Venture Group will focus on investing in companies operating in KLA-Tencor’s core markets, which are the semiconductor, reticle, wafer, and data storage markets. We will also explore related, new, high-technology markets where we can transfer our knowledge in such current KLA-Tencor core competencies as image processing, inspection and measurement, and yield-management technologies. In addition to our new-market-development strategy, KT Venture Group will explore new core-competence development within currently served markets in semiconductor, reticle, wafer, and data storage.

Core Market Expertise


  • Cleaning
  • Specialty Materials
  • Testing and Packaging
  • Fabless Solutions
  • Emerging IC Devices
  • Fluids/chemical controls
  • Process and Metrology Equipment


  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Consulting Services
  • Web-based Communication Tools
  • Outsourcing Services

Core Competence Transfer


  • Electronics Design Services
  • Automated Manufacturing
  • Data Storage
  • Data Computing Systems
  • MEMs


  • Fiber Optics Components Process Control
  • Opto-Electronics Subsystems
  • Communications Semiconductors
  • Connectivity Verification Systems


  • Automation and Integration
  • Connectivity Tools
  • Design and Verification
  • Infrastructure and Enterprise

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